19 Mar 2020
sprinkler repair services san Antonio and Austin Texas

Sprinkler repair in South Texas isn’t that much different from irrigation repair in other parts of the country. Often times there are issues with cracks in sprinkler heads, lines wear out and break and backflow issues arise.

The Austin & San Antonio areas do have some issues that other areas might not have. We have hard water, extremely hard water. The mineralization on the heads can cause issues as well as mineral build-ups in different areas of the irrigation system. We often see issues in backflows starting to leak and not work properly.

Luckily we’ve seen all these issues and your irrigation repair expert will diagnose the problem and provide you with the appropriate solution to get your sprinkler system up and running again. We’ll check each zone, your controller, rain sensor and backflows to make sure you have the best and most efficient sprinkler irrigation system.

We’ll even identify areas with excessive run-off and advise you on solutions to these issues so you’re not wasting precious water resources in the San Antonio and Austin areas. We’re drought-prone and have to utilize water efficiently so your lawn has the best chance of surviving the summer. Total Lawn & Sprinkler is dedicated to providing you with the utmost services and efficiently fo your sprinkler repair issues.

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